Why Ww1 Started in 1914

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World War One or ‘The Great War’ as it became known , started in late summer of 1914 and lasted until November 1918. It was the first long-lasting war that the world had experienced until then, as millions of people got killed. The factors that started the battle were numerous and are still being debated; Alliances, imperialism, the arms race, nationalism , and miscalculations were some of them. However, at the end the war broke out because of a combination of these causes. This question implies that an event that occurred in 1914 triggered and spread the battle to the five major empires.
From the early 1900’s , the two major alliances in Europe were on the one side the Triple Alliance between Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy , and on the other side, Great Britain , France and Russia forming the Entente Cordial. It must be noted that, the Entente Cordial became anti-German after the two Moroccan crisis (1908 and 1911) , because of Germany’s lack of diplomacy maters. The two crisis, raised the temperature in Europe, and made war more likely. In addition, Germany followed ‘Weltpolitik’, a form of nationalism , that meant that she would support an expansive policy. Up to 1914, Germany was building up her army. This led to tensions between other countries over the colonies, such as France, however no one was militarily ready yet for a war before 1914. Nevertheless, Germany showed her intentions with the ‘Shleiffen’ plan as she had identified her main enemies and started to build up her army. So, in a very short period of time , the empires began strengthening their naval and military forces with great rhythm. This caused friction and suspicion between the empires, and sooner or later, the war would be inevitable.
Nationalism in the Balkans was the trigger that set off the events which led to the outbreak of World War One and the problems were between Austria –Hungary and Serbia. Serbia was a newly

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