Why Women Stay
Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Bullying, Domestic violence, Psychological abuse, Psychological manipulation / Pages: 3 (1044 words) / Published: Nov 22nd, 2014

Noemy Vega
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October 22, 2014
Why Women Stay
You notice your Best friend has a bruised eye and a busted lip. You ask her what happened and she tells you that it was her fault. The next thing you do is tell her is to leave her husband. She doesn’t listen to you and the next time you see her is in the hospital with broken ribs and a fractured skull. The most common crime against women is Domestic Violence. One person has more power and is able to control many of the aspects of the relationship.
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Domestic violence

Guilt victims of domestic violence will experience feelings of extreme guilt and disgrace. They will believe that they have caused the abuse that the perpetrator has subjected them to. In many cases, the offender will convince their victim that they are forced to resort to physical violence in order to punish the victim for their negative characteristics. They may use brutality to teach their victim not to take part in behaviors that they disapprove of. Individuals who subject their partner to abuse will often defame and put down their victim in order to establish control. As a result, the victim will experience low self-esteem and depression. Enlightment occurs when a victim of abuse recognizes that they are not to blame for the abuse that they are experiencing. They will begin to understand that no one deserves to be subjected to domestic violence no matter what characteristics they possess. A victim will begin to acknowledge that their partner has an abusive and violent personality, and that the domestic violence that the victim is experiencing is the fault of the abuser. Responsibility it is only a matter of time before these victims understand the importance of escaping their current environment. They will understand that their safety, and the safety of their children, depends on leaving their abusive relationship. Women are in the most danger when they make the decision to flee their current environment.

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