Why Were Cornell Notes Invented?

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Why Were Cornell Notes Invented?

The Cornell note taking system, developed by former Cornell University professor Walter Pauk in 1949, features three areas. It features a three-part system used for condensing and organizing notes, whether in the classroom or out in the field. One area is for note taking, the second is for review notes, and the last one is for summarizing. Cornell notes was invented to benefit students in the classroom and help them formulate a way in which they can understand the lessons being lectured while at the same time being well organised.

These days students are going through a variety of stress related problems that tie back to school work in the classroom. These problems range from how to understand what’s going one day to how to prepare for what will be going on the next day. At many institutions, high schools and even middle schools, teachers teach at a very fast pace and the students just listen, hoping to grasp everything being said and be able to remember it for future preferences but they are disappointed when it is time to display on paper what they “heard”, rather than what they learnt, I know about this because I am speaking from my personal experience and I have many times been a victim of this status quo.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand," Confucius said. When students only hear what is being taught in the classroom, they might be confident that they will remember it just because it seems like simple information, some might remember but a majority of them will eventually forget at some point. When the Teacher or lecturer writes information on the board and explains it, more students might have a better chance at remembering the information because it is set at a visual and auditory viewpoint rather than being only limited to an auditory standpoint. But seeing and hearing alone is not enough when it comes to the educational and academic field, students become unstoppable when they are...

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