Why Was Rearmament so Important to Hitler?

Topics: World War I, World War II, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Why was rearmament so important for Hitler ?
The treaty of Versailles cut Germany's armed forces to a tiny percentage of what it used to be during the First World War. During the 1920’s the league was trying to establish a plan for disarmament but many nations were using rearmament as a way to get over the depression, especially after 1929. In 1932 a world Disarmament conference was called. The conference was a failure, as no country was willing to disarm as much as they wanted. Hitler thought that if no other power had to disarm neither should Germany. Germany withdrew from the conference and the League of Nations in 1933. When Hitler became leader the first thing step that he wanted to take was to increase Germany’s armed forces. He introduced conscription and showed of his new armed forces in a massive military parade. This was an important step as a lot of unemployed workers were drafted into the army, decreasing unemployment which was one of the biggest problems he was facing. He doing this also made the people of Germany believe in him, and trust him even more, as he was keeping his promise into making Germany strong again, and challenge the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler was certain that the people supported the idea of rearmament. But he handled it well, as he knew this would shock the other countries. Rearmament started off as a secret, and Hitler made a very public display of his desire not to rearm Germany. By doing this I think it made a lot of countries less frightened and threatened. This was a good move on Hitler’s behalf as he could start building an army, without having to worry that the other countries were trying to stop him. Hitler knew he would get away with rearmament. Rearmament busted Nazi support in Germany. People had faith in Hitler and they thought he really was helping out in making Germany a greater powers again. Rearmament was important to Hitler as he knew Great Britain felt some sympathy towards them. Britain...
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