Toxic Eladership

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Germany Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: October 17, 2008
Toxic Leadership of Adolf Hitler

The reason why people believed in Hitler and actually voted him to power in 1932 were

Hitler seize upon the fears of the German population. The people were afraid of the growing influence of communism and the inability of their government in addressing the growing economic demands of the treaty of Versailles as dictated by the western powers. Hence, he provided a viable and strong option to the people. •Hitler appealed to the EGO of the German people. He appealed to their PRIDE, besides offering solutions, which though were drastic and risky, but were in line with the feelings of the people. For example, he blamed the Jews for all the problems, and directed the wrath of the common German against the moneyed class, which was primarily made of Jews. Again another example was the promise to break the Treaty of Versailles, which though risky for a militarily weak Germany, the people would accept for it, restored their pride in the institution they had always revered, namely the Army. •Drastic times call for drastic actions was the line utilized by Hitler to promote himself and the Nazi party. The people accepted this, as they had always looked for strong leadership, which had been missing. They craved for authority, specifically for someone to tell them and lead them out of their misery. This contributed to the success of Hitler and the Nazi party. •A toxic leader like Hitler created an aura around himself, by drawing comparisons to the great heroes of the past. He also had the backing of highly influential people who had been swept away by his charisma, oratory skills, and outlook for a strong Germany.

Hence, a toxic leader does the following:

1.Use Emotion to appeal to his Target audience, by understanding the fears of the people and exploiting it. 2.Use the credibility of others to build upon his own credibility in front of his Target audience 3.Utilize the loopholes in the system, and ensure that the system...
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