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Why the US should invade Iran

By gsthomas Sep 22, 2014 663 Words
Why the United States Should Invade Iran
As some of us know, the topic on whether the United States should enter Iran has been a question our country has been asking itself for some time now. The war has been going on for many years now and many people have had enough of it. This is partially the main reason why our country cannot decide whether or not to invade Iran. After reading a few articles on this topic I have come to realize that by invading Iran, we will help not just the United States, but many other countries as well. We all know how big Iran is into terrorism. After 9/11, I personally would like to invade Iran and shut down everything they have. By invading Iran the United States can shut down some of the big terrorist groups and help our country as well as other countries from future terrorist attacks. By taking out these groups many countries would feel safer and won’t have to worry about being attacked every day. Terrorism is being seen more frequently and it’s something that needs to be stopped. My next point on why the United States should invade Iran is to stop their nuclear programs. Just one nuclear bomb can destroy and small country and wreak destruction and havoc on a larger country. The United States would benefit greatly along with many other countries if we were to invade and eliminate Iran’s nuclear facilities. We can clearly see that Iran doesn’t see eye to eye with the United States. By invading and taking out their strong point (nuclear programs), we could earn much needed respect and possibly end years of history with these countries. I feel that Iran doesn’t know the damage in which they can do with nuclear weapons. The power of these weapons can cause severe damage to any country. By invading Iran, the United States can end things for good and help our country get back on the right path. The next reason why should invade Iran is our economic issue we are facing. As we all know, war is a very costly incident for a country to handle. Billions of dollars have been spent on this war and we are going to continue spending more if we keep sitting back and waiting for Iran to work things out. Invading Iran now would be better for our economy than to keep dragging things on with this war. We need to stand up, take care of things for good and call it quits. This would help out our country and many other countries that are trying to help us settle things in the Middle East. Attacking Iran would also lead to more alliances with other countries as well. If we were successful in our invasion and take out Iran’s nuclear programs, many countries would be more open to do business with the United States. This would help the United States get back on track with our economic hard times, along with having more countries to trade and import goods from. The longer we drag on this war, the more money the United States is going to have to spend, and the more soldiers we are going to lose. Something needs to be done and invading Iran would be a great way to head in the right directions. If the invasion was to be successful and the United States could take out Iran’s nuclear programs, along with different terrorist groups, things would start to look up for the ending of this war. Many countries would support the United States if were to take action in invading Iran. The invasion would have a positive effect on the United States as well as other countries.

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