Why the Study of Religion Is Important

Topics: Religion, Human, Life Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: February 18, 2011
The mystery of life, supernatural powers, temptation, worship and ethics are all key concepts of religion and what helps to shape the world in what it is today. The study of religion does not only make up a significant portion of an individual’s life but also their society and culture as well. It show’s how religion is being ‘lived’ out by society by those who are religious and non religious alike. For instance this is portrayed through the bases of the legal system, the fundamentals of life, human rights, art, and the negative impacts of religion on the world.

In many cases a society’s laws are based around the ethical systems of a religious tradition and therefore must be followed by the majority of humanity. Religion illustrates the ethics of life and helps a country improve its performance and behavior and helps live a world of justice. Many of the laws a based around the Christian doctrine: ‘The ten Commandments’, where it states ‘Thou shall not kill’, and ‘Thou shall not steal’. These particular commandments have been integrated into the basic laws of a nation. Countries like Nigeria and Oman, the legal system is based around the Sharia law (Islamic teachings) where everyone; no matter if their religious or not must follow.

The importance of the study of religion is highly prioritized especially when laws are being created by the sovereign power. Religion significantly holds the values of justice and equality and its essential that when laws are created its fair, equal and creates peace not disputes. Because laws are universal, they must be followed by all; including those who are religious and non religious. For instance the law ‘fair pay for woman’ conveys the values of religion as its creating equality between men and women and reducing discrimination.

With religion having a major impact on the legal system of a country, it also influences a way in which a person (religious or non-religious) lives their life. For those who are adherents of a...
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