Why Should States Have More Power More Than State Power

I think states should have more power in the system of federalism outlined in the Constitution because, during the early republic, the government had slowly been building up national power rather than state power. The early republic seemed to neglect the state's power. The events that happened in Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe’s presidency shows that the early republic favored national powers more than states.
During Washington’s Presidency, three important things happened. Alexander Hamilton, the secretary of the Treasury, issued a proposal. He proposed that the federal government should create a national bank to build credit and open a line of credit. Due to the success of this, Hamilton's financial plan increased the power of the national government. In 1791, George Washington led 13,000 militia to western Pennsylvania to put down a rebellion by farmers protesting the tax on whiskey.The result if the Whiskey Rebellion increased the power of the national government because it didn't change any tax/law that the people protested. About 4 years later, the Jay Treaty was created to avoid war with Britain and strengthen ties with America's trading partner.The Jay Treaty did follow Washington's own advice in his Farewell
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During his presidency, there was the war of 1812. The war of 1812 was an armed conflict between the United States and the British Empire. The British refused to stop seizing American ships, this was one of the main causes of the war. The war of 1812 was unfortunately unavoidable because Great Britain was seizing American ships, forcing American soldiers to join the navy, they also gave native Americans weapons to attack America and they were trying to take over Canada. Another thing that happened during his presidency was the renewal of the national bank. The national bank was renewed because of the financial problems America had paying off the debts from the

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