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Why Should Immigrants Be Allowed In The United States

By Daniel-Singfield Feb 12, 2015 1268 Words
 Why Should Immigrants be allowed in the United States?

I say yes because of the economic growth. The influx of people could mean an influx of new skills for the job market. The more people from different places that enter the United States will bring unique skills not known in America. (Venture Articles 2013).These types of innovations will bring the country many billions of dollars for businesses which were created and will help employ many Americans. This will make some Americans very wealthy and also this type of wealth pumps billions of dollars into the United States economy. In addition, the companies pump billions of dollars back into the economy. Not only does it bring wealth to the United States but it also brings culture and diversity. We would not have all these good food choices here if someone didn’t originally bring them here. If a new food choice opens up in the United States that you couldn’t find anywhere else previously, new restaurants can open up to cater to that food and new products can be created around that food. They help spread our values from one place to another when immigrants come here. They bring in more tax revenue, low labor cost and more money. They take jobs that some Americans won’t take, because of the low pay. It doesn’t take them long to learn our language. Most immigrants, who have been here in America for at least five or ten years, are very fluent in the English language. They can learn our culture and help pass it on to their relatives and friends, and in turn they will start to like our country and embrace American values. But not all Americans agree with having immigrants enter the United States. Some Americans think immigration is the cause of the 911 attack. North says; don’t blame immigration for the 911 attack. This horrific act was done by people with legal visas in the United States. We need to be more effective with our measures of intelligence (North 2013). Who supports immigration? Seventy four percent of Hispanics say immigrants strengthen the country. Fifty two percent of blacks agree with Hispanics compared to 41% of Whites. Democrats agree 58% and Republicans disagree because of health care, jobs and welfare. Republicans think of immigrants as people who are taking our jobs and robbing our economy. Immigrant workers make up 12.4% of United States labor force compared to 11.5% of the United States population. This survey was done in December of 2013. Some Americans think, when immigrants earn their legal status, they take their investment and place it in their home country and also support family members in their home land. Some Americans think it’s not right for them to invest in their home land. They believe they should place their investment back into the United States. The United States Census Bureau has predicted that migration to the United States will increase between the years of 2027 -2038, because of the attractiveness of living in the United States. The United States is filled with opportunities that can make anyone successful if they believe in themselves and is willing to take the next step to become wealthy. The United States offers immigrants freedom of speech and religion. United States offer them housing, jobs and health care. The United States offers them loans to start up different businesses and grants for education. These are the luxuries that attract immigrant into the United States. But, the immigration demographic has shifted. Most immigrants use to enter through California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Texas, but it has decreased in these areas. Nevada, North Carolina and Washington have an increase. These are both legal and illegal immigrants. Also, the portion of native born Americans in some parts of the country has fallen. Pey says, “The Native born population decreased in the counties running down the nation’s midsection, and along the Mississippi River in southern Arkansas and Western Mississippi, as well as in some other isolated areas. (Neuman, 2014). The change is mainly along a North South axis from Montana and North Dakota. The reason this is happening is because of how more immigrants are moving in these areas. In 2011, 40 million immigrants were in the United States out of those 40 million, 28% were in this country illegally. How can we decrease illegal immigrants in our country? North says, “You can’t just deport 11 million people.” We can hire more border Patrol, build better fences, make them move back home, legally move to a third country with legal entry or make adjustment to the legal status in the United States. Things have changed regarding the immigration law in the United States. Today, Latinos and Asians Americans populate a significant segment of the United States population. Latinos are 16.9 percent in 2012, while Asians make up 5.1. percent. The Latin community grew 43 percent from 2010 to 2013.

The Asian community passed the Latin community as the fastest growing group of new immigrants in the United States. Immigrants and their children grew rapidly becoming a larger share of the growth. In 2012 immigrants and their children made 55% of eligible Latin voters, up from 49% in 1996. Second generation immigrants and children of immigrants are the driving force behind the growth of the electorate. In 2012 and 2016, 3.3 million Latin citizens will turn 18. That means that, 57 percent, or nearly 2 million, are the children of immigrants. In November of 2014, President Obama announced an expansive new set of guidelines for illegal immigrants in the United States. President Obama said, he will give legal status and work permits to five million immigrants in the United States illegally. Under this plan, the parents of United States citizens and permanent residents could apply for a work permit and deferred deportation. He also said, he will expand eligibility for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which offers protections to immigrants brought to the United States as children. The Homeland Security will concentrate on keeping immigrants out of the country who are criminals, gang affiliations or ties to terrorism. It was said by the President, if you are a criminal you will be deported, if you enter illegally, your chances of getting caught has increased. The government will expand Visa’s and loosen restrictions, so more business people can travel to the United States. In my own opinion, I think immigrants will be a big asset to our country. They bring to the United States a different lifestyle that we don’t know, but would like to embrace. Immigrants will share their own cultural experiences with us and also teach us skills that we aren’t familiar with. They will embrace our culture, while we embrace theirs. The economy will profit in so many ways financially. We will increase more jobs and opportunity for ourselves which will boost our economy. American workers earnings will increase by 618 billion over the next ten years because immigration reform. I want immigrants to stay in our country as long as they obey the American rules for immigrants in the United States. I feel we should give immigrants the opportunity to work and earn their dream in America like we do. Also give them a chance to be educated and become entrepreneurs. There is quote on the Statue of Liberty saying, “Give me your tired, your huddled yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” It’s saying that anybody should be allowed in the United States. Our country was partially founded on immigration, liberty and freedom for all.

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