Why Men Cheat

Topics: Gender, Woman, Female Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: June 12, 2005
90% of the United States male population are dogs. Attacking our society with their lies, filling our head with garbage, constantly cheating and causing trouble and hate between our female gender. This is all because of the male echo. Trapped inside a man mind to make him think they have to take over the world and conquer all of these innocent women in order to pursued their mission on earth. An average female never came across a man that is willing to have a relationship based on emotion, unity and love for each another, with out including sexual relations. The men of our society are also impregnating our women, leaving them for another female or male and bringing back a disease that can't be cured. This disease will travel, kill our children and grandchildren on the count of there no good fathers.

No one can truthfully said that a human being would not cheat, but men are more likely to cheat than a woman would. For example Bill Clinton, Al Sharp ton, and Cobi Brant. These men are well known leaders in today society. They each cheated on their wives and got caught. Now, if they can commit adultery why can't a normal man. For men being on the down low, will lets not call any names. This is 2004, many black men are messing with other men because they just came out of jail and forgot to leave their habits or they feel male bonding is a really good thing. That lends me to my modest proposal. I want to help our ladies out and make sure that our men are our men, and no one else.

Now, I am willing to start the "Get Yo Boy Together House" which is an organization that will allow the men to see that side of a women that they never thought they would have to face. Take them to a place where they would give child birth, get abuse and attack by other men, or develop physical features of a woman. Now, this is for a man that just won't act right but you may want him back. For the man that wants to cheat on you with another woman he will get beat with twelve times...
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