Why Love Is More Powerful Than Hate

Topics: Love, Emotion, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Love is more powerful than hate

Love and hate are one of the strongest opposites in our  thinking. Then, Why unhappy love often turns into deep hate and ruined relationships? A person in love loves everyone. This is a  positive feeling that can change the world strongly and easily. A person in hate becomes an enormous destructive force. It drives to an abyss of violence.

so today i'm going to talk about :
1- Definition of love and hate.
2- why love is more powerful than hate?!.


1- Definition of love and hate.
*Love: is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. *hate: is a deep and emotional extreme dislike, directed against a certain object or class of objects.

2- why love is more powerful than hate?!.

Have you ever experienced real light of love and real darkness of hate?

Love may be more powerful than hate because, as it was in the song, love can lead to hate, whereas hate never, even metaphorically, produces love. Love is more powerful because it gives birth to new positive challenges. Love changes a person, enriches the world, extends the horizons, enhances opportunities, brightens friendships, and deepens emotions. A person in love has a specific aura, a peculiar kind of energy that is given off, scattered in all directions, like the light of the myriads of stars, sliding through ages, celebrating.

But love can go away. It simply disappears, vanishes. So powerful to disappear, or love never goes away. Love's components are intimacy, passion, and commitment, with all their variations. Consummate love that balances them all is rare. If Romeo and Juliet had lived longer, would they have loved each other with the same intimacy, passion, and commitment? I have doubts. Love is powerful because it can transform. It is, in fact, a transforming process of flexible relationships, in which intimacy remains stable.

Who ever lived to hate? Love is powerful because it drives, navigates, directs, and makes...
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