Why Is The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland?

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is considered as a superpower and as a safe haven of full of opportunities. Consequently, a majority of immigrants come to this country looking for a new beginning and a better future, at the same time risking their lives on the way. At the moment, migrants might seem to be out of news in the British public life. The question is: whether the immigration is a problem or not?
Historically, immigrants had no difficulties in entering the country. Newcomers arrived with a different way, even from overseas, including Jews, blacks, and non-white ethnic groups. However, these ethnic groups came with their cultural backgrounds, financial and agricultural skills. Therefore, they caused a benefit...

A relationship between races and various nations is controversial in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Even the “Guardian” newspaper poll in 2001 shows that 70% readers suggest that race relationships in the UK have not improved. Equally, the “Mori” reported that the worries of race relations increased from 3 percent in 1996 to 19 percent in 2001.
Flocks of immigrants in the UK have again and again represented as a risk to British morale. Nonetheless, British - Irish Isles have always been multicultural and ethnically diverse. The majority of “non-white immigrants and their British-born children have slowly adapted” to the substantial society. Besides, Britain has a comparatively stable diversity of culture and intermarriage. Statistically, “one in eight children have parents with different ethnical and cultural background.”
Considering the past of the UK and future benefits of immigrants, I would argue that the immigration is a threat and problem for population today, but also they can bring a lot of income in the...

This referendum will bring the largest change in the history of European Union. It is the first time Britain left the Union. By staying in membership Britain and the European Union had a huge benefit. For instance, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s economy is the second – largest, after the Germany in Europe. In other words, Britain’s and EU countries’ economy are closely related. However, currently, the UK decided to leave the EU, which was a free trade zone for both of them. And now it all be subject to...
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