Why humans are responsible for evil not Satan

Topics: Good and evil, God, Barack Obama Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: December 2, 2013
As an ancient chinese proverb said , "A good man lives a hundred years but an evil man lives a thousand years." Dating from histories to the current world, we are constantly bombarded with news,  scandals and histories of people being exposed of their evil often only when the damage had been dealt to their victims.

Most religions would accuse this evil influence on demons and Satan brainwashing humans. However, despite these accusations,  have we paused to ponder if these actions were really influenced from a supernatural force or created from our psychological brains in the realms of our conscience ?

For example , Muammar Gaddafi, the past ruler and politician of Librayan, claimed he was trying to equalize the status of women with men but in truth , he commited atrocities and rape. He proclaimed to treat women and men equally and had his elite bodyguards entirely only women as proof. He was even described as a strict , holy and religious Islamist.  However , in the shadowy depts of deceit,  he raped and abused them to fulfil his perverted desires.  It was only after his death did the abused victims revealed the horrifying ordeals they suffered. 

Lets look into the case of Miley Cyrus . In 2013 , she did a controversial and raunchy dance with Robin Thicke at the VMAS.  It sparked outrage among parents and the Christians from Miley's hometown claimed that she had been influenced by the devil . The same could be said for Katy Perry when her Dad , a pastor in a Church, accused her of being influenced by the devil when she performed provocative music videos. If we analyse this matter without being subjective with religious views,  we would see that Miley and Katy Perry's actions were techniques to gain the most attention and fame in the shortest amount of time. Why does Katy Perry , a mere music star , have more followers on Twitter than Barack Obama who is President to United States , the most important country in the World ? Sadly , young sex just sells....
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