Why FDR Is The Best President?

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Why FDR is the best president.

Was Lincoln, FDR, Washington, or Jefferson the best president? The answer to this question is a state of opinion. In my opinion, FDR is the best president. While others may say, Washington was the first president or Lincoln helped the Union stay together, FDR concurred both a war and a financial struggle. FDR was a strong human being and overcame polio. FDR got us out of the Great Depression, concurred polio, and led the Allies to win World War Two. This is why FDR was the greatest president.
FDR was born on January 30, 1882 at Hyde Park, New York by the Hudson River. He grew up in a rich family with a lot of social status. He was an only child and didn’t have very many friends. His parents, Sara Delano and...

It stripped him of his ability to walk, dismantled his self-confidence, and it looked as if he would never get to run for governor of New York. It was debatable if he would ever walk again. Fortunately for FDR, he was able to not only be able to live, but to stand with the help of heavy braces on his legs. Then, in 1928, he was elected as governor of New York. Shortly into his time as governor, the stock market crashed and the U.S plunged into an economic problem that was worse than any other one before. He put in a lot of new plans that helped the state get back on its feet and started the process of recovery in New York. At the Democratic convention, they chose FDR to represent the Democrats in the 1932 presidential election with Herbert Hoover running against him. FDR won easily, promising a New Deal, and came into office at the lowest point in U.S history. He gave an inspiring speech at his...

Congress didn’t have a discussion, the U.S had entered WW2. Churchill said this about FDR and his actions involving World War Two.
“Of Roosevelt...it must be said that had he not acted when he did, in the way he did, had he not resolved to give aid to Britain, and to Europe in the supreme crisis through which we have passed, a hideous fate might well have overwhelmed mankind and made its whole future for centuries sink into shame and ruin”- Winston Churchill
This is another example of why FDR was the greatest president. He was commander in chief and monitored everything that happened on the...
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