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Why Do Students Fail

By skop91 Mar 12, 2015 540 Words

Why do students fail?
In modern society, almost everyone has a right to learn and the right to receive an education, but not everyone has the ability to do it. There are thousands of people who had gone to colleges or universities, but after half a year they drop it. When they are asked “Why”, a lot of them answer that they simply could not do it. Why some people are unable to study well? Lack of interest and motivation in learning, unawareness of the consequences of the actions, and academic unpreparedness are the reasons of students’ academic failure. Lack of interest and motivation is a major reason of a poor progress. Firstly, no one will be interested to learn what he or she does not like. If there is no interest, hours spent on textbooks’ reading become a torture, and subsequently students fail the course. Secondly, lack of motivation contributes to grades’ getting worse. Many people still believe that education doesn’t help in the “real life”, thus it is enough to take the passing scores. The second reason is unawareness of the consequences of the actions. Studying in college is more saturated than in the high school, so the attendance is needed to succeed. If you don’t come to class, you automatically decrease your chances of getting good grades. If you do not show up when the professor explains the material, you will not hear the examples, you won’t be able to ask questions, and you will not hear the teachers’ requirements. Also, many do not understand that social life can interfere with studying. Meetings with friends distract from learning. If tomorrow you have an important assignment, but you decide to go to a bar with friends, there will be consequences. If you're on Facebook while the lecture is going, then you will miss half of the material. Students have to understand that the choices that they make have consequences.

The third reason is academic unpreparedness. Many students are not prepared for a large amount of material that they face during the studying. In university or college, training is more intense than in high school. Over the short term, professors try to teach a person with a profession, so a lot of material is involved. And if you can’t get down to business from the very beginning and get used to the amount of work, you may lose the chance to graduate from college because nobody would wait for you. In addition, many students do not pass the courses because they haven’t gained the ability to analyze yet. The most important thing is not to simply write the lecture or read the textbook, but be able to analyze the information and take the most important of it. Otherwise, the head will be full with unnecessary facts, and the most important things will pass by. In conclusion, it is necessary to say that studying in college or university is not an easy work. This often requires from individuals to adapt to the new conditions. Someone can study easily; someone just works hard, but it is a problem basically for those who are not interested, who don’t realize that all the actions have the consequences, or who simply is not prepared.

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