Why Do Scams Occur in India?

Topics: Political corruption, India, Fraud Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: September 2, 2011
India is growing well, growing well in all terms, like strong economy, great infrastructure, top businessmen, more number of Indians in forbes richest people list, technology, education, strong media, politics on the positive side and when we looking into the worrying part comes big scams, curruption, etc.

We are hearing about new scams almost every week these days and interestingly most of these scams are picked up by the media rather than any of our proud investigating agencies or people who are responsible to monitor our financial activities. Billions of dollars are deposited by many Indians in the Swiss banks which are illegal. Do we have any idea of what is volume of Indian economy inside these Swiss banks. Are we trying to find it out and book the responsible people for this. This money is the money from the tax payers which should be used for the development of the country rather than to boost the economy of the countries where these money are hidden. When a common person fails to pay his income tax or file his income return, he is taken for a ride. Why is our system so easy to break and people are able to get away with tons of tax payers money. Political parties proudly say, we had only 10 scams during our tenure but the opposition party had 20. 1.ISRO Spectrum Scam

2.2G Scam
3.Commonwealth Games Scam
4.Adarsh Society Scam
5.Reddy brothers
6.Satyam scam
Just imagine, if we are able to use these funds which are figured out in these scams for the development of India, how far we would have reached. Most of the politicians are into politics to make money rather than to serve the country. It is high time for the citizens of India who have the power to elect their representatives to select the right candidate. Our system needs to be revamped and made fool proof with more accountability to avoid such scams and build a strong India. Why does these scams happen? Are we giving the decision making power to people who are not loyal to the country?...
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