Why Do People Help Others For A Reason?

Topics: Family, Sociology, English-language films Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: February 5, 2018

People do acts of kindness for a reason. People help others because they are in need and because they can get a benefit out of it.
For example, I live in Texas and over the summer we had many catastrophic events. Including hurricanes through the Houston and Corpus Christi area. There was another through Puerto Rico and many earthquakes happened in Mexico. Many people lost their lives, homes, and all of their belongings. As a close church community, we were able to incorporate other church communities and non-profit organizations to help us out and gather as much as we could to be able to send to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the victims of the earthquake in Mexico. All of us were able to gather as many toiletries, clothes,...

A great representation of people helping others for a benefit is, The Literacy Book “Scarlet Ibis”. The narrator is the brother of the main character Doodle. They give doodle 3 months to live, but after 3 months he did not die as how they had anticipated. The mother tells the narrator to not get excited because doodle is not all there. The brother believed that when Doodle smiled at him that meant that he was all there and that he will have a younger brother to be able to play with. Then later he realized that is not true; that he was not all there even though he did smile one time. As his older brother, he was supposed to love and protect him, at least that is what his parents had in mind. As the narrator would go out with friends, Doodle would want to tag along. He did not like when Doodle would come along because since Doodle “was not all there” and couldn’t walk, he had to pull him around in a wagon. The brother was able to show his support in forcing him to learn how to walk, although he had a weak heart and could possibly have a heart attack any moment. Pushing him to his limit quite a few times and having him collapse was not the best experience of Doodle, but he continued trying to improve because of his brother and wanting to make him proud. The narrator was only doing it for his convenience though because he wanted to have a “normal” brother. Someone to play around with, to go for walks with, or jogs, maybe catch a ball. He would not be able to do that if all he could do was just pull him around in a wagon. As a result of the narrator, thinking he was doing good, during a storm they started running home and Doodle collapsed. Due to his weak heart we did not...
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