Why Did the Spanish Armada Fail?

Topics: Decapitation, Capital punishment, 16th century Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Was Mary I bloody or misunderstood?

Mary I was misunderstood because other monarchs executed far more people than her but in other ways, anyway it was normal in the 16th century to punish anyone who disagreed with you by executing them the punishment for stealing was hanging. Mary’s sister, Elizabeth, executed 300 people at once after they rebelled against her and Mary’s father Henry VIII executed 70,000 people for challenging his authority, also the book which tells us how horrible Mary’s executions were is written by a protestant. He wanted to make her look evil and almost certainly exaggerated the story. He says that she executed 284 people but a close inspection of his book shows that he has often counted the same person twice.

Mary was probably influenced by her advisors, particularly Cardinal Pole who had been treated badly when Edward was king and wanted revenge on the Protestants. He was appointed to his position in 1555 and this is when the burnings began, although Mary’s actions were similar to those in other countries her father-in-law, who had been king of Spain, burned, beheaded or buried alive 30,000 Protestants during his reign, plus when Mary became Queen there were celebrations because large numbers of people wanted her to make England Catholic again.

Apparently Mary appears to have disliked brutality. Early in her reign, she forgave 400 people who rebelled against her in a rebellion known as the Wyatt’s rebellion; Mary also allowed 800 Protestants to leave the country when she could have stopped them and killed them and rumours say that Mary had evidence that her half-sister Elizabeth had plotted to kill her but Mary decided to destroy the evidence because she did not want Elizabeth to be killed for treason ,anyway ,most of the English population were completely unaffected by Mary’s executions. By Georgia Thorne 8b.
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