Why Did The Product Take Its Contemporary 21st Century Form?

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Choose a mass-produced product and examine how it has been transformed over time. why did the product take its contemporary 21st century form?

The product that I have chosen is the surfboard, I choose the surfboard as it is an area of design I am hugely interested in and believe it is a great example of how industrialisation has impacted the production and form of a product. I will discuss how the surfboard came about and how it has evolved from the hardwood solid surfboard that could weigh up to 35kg into the modern super light and strong construction that it is today, how construction methods have changed how and what a surfboard is made from. Also how the industrialisation of the surfboard has made it a much more accessible sport to the public and how this has turned it into a multi billion industry.
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As there are no individuals who were responsible for the creation of surfing, it is the Hawaiian culture that is know for the creation of surfing. The world wide spread of surfing was a result of the technological advancement brought to surfing from California, this would include weather forecasting for waves, the wetsuit and better constructed boards. The early form of the surfboard would vary as in the beginning it was not a mass produced product, people would generally make there own board out of a plank of hard wood. It would tend to be long and skinny and to control it you would have to use your arms do dig in either side to create leverage to steer. These board would be very heavy and hard to control. The inclusion of a fin on the underside of the board came at a later stage with help with steering and meant you didn't have to dig your arms in to steer. (Bourne,

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