Why did the Allies win?

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The sheer magnitude of US human, economic and military resources was too much for the Germans to counter. The US wartime production level was brought Eastern Front- you said it was American-British joint cooperation but without the US’s assistance they wouldn’t have Why did the Allies win?

Economic assistance
If they didn’t supply them with money (lend-lease) or equipment how on earth would the allies manage to produce enough resources . THEY WERE RUNNING OUT AND NEARLY LOSING UNTIL THE US OFFERED HELP THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO PHYSICALLY BE THERE


Essay Plan:

The intervention of the Unites States was the deciding factor of the victory of the Allies as its economic and military power overwhelmed the German forces and led to their eventual defeat.

On the right- the US………..

Specific examples:

1. Efficiency of American economy:
- Americans produced 8800 naval vessels and 87000 landing craft within four years. - Productivity in shipbuilding increased by 25% a year during the war - Volume of production was valued at 200 billion

2. US military power
- Most of the bombing that were happening in Germany was carried out by the US air forces. - The US navy played an important role in getting supplies across to the Atlantic. - The US had 2382311 military trucks whereas the Germans had 345914 military trucks. - The Germans had 119307 military aircrafts whereas the US had 324750 - Eisenhower (American) was the allied supreme commander and therefore dominated military engagements from 1944


As u guys have mentioned, Technology
submarines?? U-boats??
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