Why Were the Allies Able to Defeat Germany in W.W.1? Having Defeated Them, Explain the Aims of the Allies in Drawing Up the Treaty of Versailles.

Topics: World War I, World War II, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: May 19, 2006
In this essay the main points of W.W.1 and the Treaty of Versailles will be discussed: The main points in the victory of the Allies in W.W.1, an example of this is because they (the Allies) were getting arms from the Americans which gave them an unfair advantage against Germany, also what were the aims of the Allies when they made the Treaty of Versailles. They basically didn't want another world war.

Another point about how the Allies were able to defeat Germany was because the Allies had made Germany fight on two fronts, on one side they were getting attacked by France on the Western side and on the Eastern side, Russia was attacking them. This was unfortunate for Germany because their only real allies were the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy who sadly swapped sides to join the Allies against Germany. The other point which was briefly introduced in the previous paragraph was the fact that the Allies were getting weapons from the Americans. This gave the Allies an extra advantage over the German's, which they already had. Evidence of this is shown obviously by the defeat of the Germans in the war.

Also another fact that probably anyone who studied W.W.1 would notice was that the Allies had many more troops and weapons, the Allies consisted of France, the British Empire and Britain, Russia and a number of other small countries including New Zealand, where as the Germans only had them and the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy who sadly swapped sides to join the Allies, and also a number of other small countries. The final blow to the Germans in the war was the entrance of the Americans in 1917. The Americans at that point were thought to be the strongest of all the countries as they weren't in the war until 1917 and they had time to prepare a large army and get a lot of money. The Americans gave the Allies the power they needed to defeat Germany and their accomplices. Of course the war wasn't won by the Allies as both sides called it a stale mate, but...
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