Why Barbie Is a Good Influence

Topics: Mind, Sense, Mattel Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Barbie is Just a Piece of Plastic
“Seen through Rose-Tinted glasses:” The Barbie Doll in American Society. By Marilyn Motz; supports the highly debated topic that the toy Barbie produced by Mattel is a bad influence, on young girls. Motz is claiming that the young female child envisions herself as Barbie, and with Barbie resembling an older more mature woman. Something that Barbie’s age group cannot obtain, in till they grow older and more mature themselves. However, Barbie is just a toy, her resemblance, her actions, as a doll is, solely up to the child. Adults looking into their daughter’s childhood are simply over thinking what a three to eleven year old can produce inside her mind.

Parents see themselves as a protector for their child in particular their daughters. The guardians of the child are over thinking the idea that Barbie is some kind of sex symbol. A parent who allows their child to watch television is more in danger of a bad influence, than a toy named Barbie. Motz exclaims “a girl playing with a Barbie doll can envision herself with a mature body.” And later in the same paragraph “focusing on bodily changes of the female body associated with puberty, of course to the and of puberty girl do not know.” (Motz paragraph 5 pg 17) Girls in this group understand Barbie is a character and is fictional. Real danger of influence runs deep in music artist and television characters. Groups, artists, and television characters such as Hannah Montana currently known as Miley Cyrus, Spice Girls who wore scantly clad clothing in the 1990’s, along with some famous artist like Brittney Spears, and the list of negative influences could go on and on. These are real threats to a developing females mental state. Their real and they are everywhere.

Barbie is good for young child’s development. It allows for the child to use her imagination. How she dresses her Barbie, and what scenario the child is playing out in her room. The juvenile is using the...
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