Jennifer Latson: The Origins Of Barbie

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Jennifer Latson wrote a paper about the true origins of Barbie. The famous Barbie doll that we grew up with had a somewhat dark origin that began a long time ago. Born in Germany in 1952, the dolls original name was Lilli, she was unlike Barbie due to her unusual curves and toes that, “She doesn’t even have a foot.” Despite this, Lilli was so popular in Germany that she became a plastic doll for all the kids to play with. Lilli also had her own comics, but she was sexualized in these comics. In one comic she was naked with only a newspaper covering herself, and another comic had a policeman say she couldn’t wear a two-piece bikini and Lilli asked which one she should take off. Regardless of these things, she became a popular doll, inspiring

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