Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.

Topics: Book of Job, Suffering, Satan Pages: 4 (672 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?

A belief by definition is a confidence in the truth or proof of existence.

Your beliefs determine the meaning you assign to any event in life.

No event is either "good" or "bad" until you decide then assignment is given.
This is your reality. Whatever the hardships or challenges you face, it can be

interrupted as an opportunity for spiritual growth. The knowledge can be used to

evolve as a person. Our desire to assign meaning to events is a blessing of the

human mind but it can also be a curse. That has been a source of mankind’s

suffering thought out history. A perfect example of this can be found in The Holy

Bible,- in the book of Job. The Lord is having a conversation with Satan and refers

to Job. Job is a blameless up right man, like no other on earth that fears God

and shuns evil. Satan takes this as a challenge with intentions of persuading

Job. Wanting Job to turn his back on the Lord and curse him. The Lord allows

Satan to do any thing he wants, except take Jobs life. Satan kills all of Jobs

children, strips him of his lands, kills the livestock, destroys his house, dries up

the well, takes all his friends and relatives away, and then pelages Job with painful

boils from head to toe. Not once did Job curse the Lord for his predicament. In

this Satan is defeated. The Lord now restores Job's losses two fold. He lives a

happy and healthy life for another 140 years.

No two people can read the same text and receive the exact same

feeling at the exact same time. What I might perceive as cruel punishment could

be viewed as spiritual conviction by someone else. Bad things happening to

good people can result in a new found strength or empowerment, but when bad

things happen to bad people the result is very different. A common assumption

Is they got what they deserved or they just get pitied....
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