Who Was the Man Behind Communism?

Topics: Soviet Union, World War II, Red Army Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: April 5, 2006
Who was the man behind communism?

Who was the man behind communism? Second only to Lenin, Joseph Stalin is the face most often associated with communism. He was the leader of the USSR during World War II, siding with the Allies against Germany. Stalin also participated in the Cold War, and was the leader of the USSR until the mid-seventies. ("World War 2"- 2) Joseph Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia on December 21,1879. As a young man he won a scholarship to the Tiflis Theological Seminary. While attending there, he joined the ‘Messame Dassy', a secret organization that supported Georgian independence from Russia, and Stalin believed in the theories of Karl Marx. Due to his disrespect towards those in authority and reading forbidden books, Stalin was expelled May of 1899. Stalin claimed that the true reason of expulsion was due to his trying to convert his fellow students to Marxism. In 1901 Stalin joined the Social Democratic Labor Party and on April 18,1902 he was arrested for coordinating a strike in Batum. Stalin was deported and spent the next eighteen months of his life in Siberia. Stalin later escaped from Siberia in 1904 and only a few short months he began organizing demonstrations and strikes. Impressing Vladimir Lenin with his achievements, he soon got an invitation to meet him in Finland. Once Stalin returned to Russian he spent the next eight years in and out of jail, escaping every time. In 1911 he moved to the city of St. Petersburg and was hired as the editor of Pravda. Once again Stalin was arrested in 1913 and was exiled to North Siberia for life. Soon the overthrow of Nicholas II occurred and Alexander Kerensky allowed all who were exiled permission to return to their homes. Stalin once again returned to St. Petersburg and was editor of Pravda. In November of 1917, Lenin appointed Stalin as ‘Commissar of Nationalities' due to Stalin's support of the October Revolution. A couple of years later the Civil War took place in Russia...

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