Who Stole My Health

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Health Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Who stole my health
                                         - Youth bad eating habits concluding report
Abstract: In order to enable young people to better understand the impact of bad eating habits and harm, I conducted a study of poor eating habits. In the course of the investigation, I found that there is a lot of information about eating habits in adolescents and physical health of young people is increasingly becoming under. I hope more young people to put an end to bad eating habits, has a healthy and strong body, and thus better able to go into the learning and life.

Key words: poor eating habits balanced diet healthy
1、the background of the study
Consumption patterns of today's social life. Modern eating habits there is a big problem. Poor eating habits is a great harm to our body. Therefore, we should put an end to bad eating habits, so we can have a more healthy body. Today, young people's health is very bad. Parents coddle many children develop such a diet, eating, watching, while you play, eat also eat it eat it, do not take Dayton eat a meal to eat for a long time often eat cold food or as a result did not eat, so snacks or drinks, fruit obtained from the parents. Over time, problems, sometimes snacks to eat more, not only can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases, and stomach always something human blood sugar will not fall, and naturally there will be no appetite, he began to appear anorexia, body weight loss gradually growing weaker constitution, which also affect young people's learning and life. Who stole our health, is what makes our health went on a little. Once discovered, the culprit is the bad eating habits. Bad eating habits of our young people in general there are two:

1, poor diet "premature aging".
2, poor eating habits, leading to a number of age-related diseases appear in more and more adolescents.

2,、the conclusion:
(1) three meals a day diet imbalance
(2) favorite junk food
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