Who Moved My Cheese Paper

Topics: 2008 singles, 2003 singles, Fear Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: October 20, 2013
Sniffing, Scurrying, Hemming and Hawing

After beginning the story “Who Moved My Cheese?” I was instantly hooked. This book was such an easy read but I felt like I took away great lessons and advice. The story was in such simple terms and the lessons seemed so obvious, but many people, myself included, often overlook the beauty of change. I identified with several characters in the book, in different aspects of my life as well as throughout the different stages it took to become who I am today.

As an over-thinker and over-analyzer, I believe I most identify with the two little people Hem and Haw. Change is scary to most people, and I often find myself hesitant to accept that change is occurring. It is more comfortable and relaxing to stay in the environment you’re currently in than to jump into the unknown. When it comes to school, I believe I most behave like Sniff. I am also an overachiever and like to stay ahead in academics. I constantly connect with my advisors and professors to find out what is new in the business school and in my classes. I also behave like Sniff and sometimes Scurry in my work life. Although my current job as a nanny doesn’t require as many thought processes and adjustments as some other professions, children are constantly growing, changing and learning, therefore I adjust along with them to ensure they make positive transitions in their lives.

When the situation comes to money and financial security, I behave most like Hem. I am very careful with my money and don’t like big financial changes in my life. It takes me far out of my comfort zone which scares me. In a relationship, I most identify with Haw. When a relationship is familiar to me it’s comforting, regardless of the fact whether it is a healthy relationship or not. I always try to believe the best in people, hoping that they will change their ways to make the relationship better. I now realize that if something is not healthy for me and it doesn’t always...
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