Who Moved My Cheese

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Running head: Senior Project and Who Moved My Cheese?

Senior Project and Who Moved My Cheese?

Senior Project and Who Moved My Cheese?
“Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson MD., is a very poignant and motivational narrative that is built around the effects of change. The perception of change is shown in the trials and tribulations the main characters are confronted with. The story encourages the reader to anticipate, acknowledge and utilize (to their advantage) the changes they may be faced with in their lives. It also touches on the magnitude and consequence of change as a very fundamental facet of life, which need not be shunned or opposed. In essence, the ideas about change shared in this book, give the reader perspective in the recognition of change and the application of some management skills to help find clarity in the diverse changes in life, both professionally and personally. It is the ideal companion to leadership application. “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson MD., is a book I have grown to appreciate very much. The author did a fine job explaining the complications experienced in the process of change. He was able to connect his insight about change with his readers by using likeable characters and out of the ordinary euphemisms. His characters consisted of two mice and two tiny people. The two mice were named Sniff and Scurry. Their characters were able to adapt to the change happening within the plot. When they realized the “loss of their cheese”, they were able to gather their “running shoes”, work through the cause of the loss, and begin searching for new cheese in order to continue their happy and successful living. The tiny people were named Hem and Haw. Hem and Haw did not react so positively to the “loss of their cheese”. They became very emotional about the loss and wasted a lot of time focusing on why it was so unfair instead of beginning the search for new cheese and the success that awaited them. Sooner or later Haw realizes he is being emotional, and through his intellect decides to overcome his loss and start searching for a better future. Hem however, is stuck in his frustration and fear and is unable to except the “loss of his cheese” and in the end meets a premature demise. The reactions of each of the characters to the “moving of their cheese”, defined many qualities one would like to see in a leader. In comparing this book to my senior project, I would like to focus on the characteristics a successful leader encompasses in the planning, preparation and execution of a project. By doing this I hope to show how my knowledge has grown from this experience, and to show how this book connects to my role as a project leader. There are a variety of methods and ideas mentioned in this text that I believe are beneficial in being an efficient and capable leader. It is important for a project leader to keep a positive outlook when it comes to change. A leader recognizes, (like Sniff) that change is to be expected and is bound to happen in every facet of a project. Therefore a project leader must be aware of everything that is taking place in regards to their venture. Even though change is a constant in our lives, there are few people who take a moment to anticipate its arrival. Even fewer contemplate the path they might choose in order to overcome the trials or positive prospects that might accompany that change. When change begins appearing, the leader must take it upon their self to make the most of that change and utilize it positively within their project. I also learned through this book that the most important component in facing change is the attitude you approach it with. Many of us don’t reach our goals or desires because we refuse to embrace change and recognize it as an opportunity instead of something troublesome. If you approach change as a problem, then it will become the problem you expect it to be. Likewise, if you look at it from a...

References: Johnson, S. (1998). Who moved my cheese? New York City: G.P Putnam’s Sons.
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