Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 4 (1125 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Symbolic Interaction Theory -->
1) the way we act towards ppl is based on the meanings we have for them.   2) The meanings we have for these ppl come from our interactions we have with them meanings are shaped and reshaped on the interpretation of our interactions we have with them.            Creating who we are: --> we develop our identity based on our interactions with others.  In-groups --> we are concerned about their welfare. help discipline our behavior. You present your social identity based on the situation. 

Early Race Theories:
Before 18th century physical differences between people (like skin tone) were rarely referred to as a matter of great importance. race consciousness is a modern phenomenon. India race predjudice manifested 5000 years ago. Invasion by the Aryans of the valley of the Indus. Conquered the dark hued people (flat nosed barbarians) Less racist basis than might be supposed In the ancient times the higher caste individuals had lighter skins and narrower noses than others. Not so much the case today. China Han Dynasty. Described the yellow haired, green eyed barbarian people in a distant province. “Greatly resembled monkeys from whom they are descended.” Egypt Early indication of race differences in the portraits on the walls of tombs from as early as 1350 BC 4 colors Red for Egyptians, yellow for enemies to the east, white for people from the north, and black for negroes. However, color prejudice depended on which ethnic group were in power. When the pale skinned people were in power they called the dark skinned “ the evil race of Ish” When the darker skinned people were in power they called the paler skinned “the pale. Degraded race of Arvad.” Greece No relationship between slavery and skin color.

Aristotle thought that temperament differences between people of different regions was caused by differences in temperature and climate. When the Catholic church began its extensive missionary operations unity of...
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