Which Type of Screen Is Better for Vibrating Screen

Topics: Material, Raw material, Materials Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: February 17, 2012
Vibrating screen works depending on the complex rotary type vibration generated by vibrator. The vibrating screen is mainly classified into linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen. According to the vibrating type of the screen, the vibrating screen can be classified into the single shaft vibrator and double shaft vibrating screen. Vibrating screen is mainly used in mining, smelting, building materials, coal, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries.

It is very beneficial to improve the working efficiency of a vibrating screen that the vibrating screen adopts the thin elastic screen net as the screen base. This screen net is generally made by rubber or polyurethane materials. Which can decrease the adhesive force between the screen surface and the raw materials, and it will make the material produce a second high frequency vibration to avoid blocking the screen hole and at the same time increases the permeability of the raw material. It also can release the mechanism of the screened material on the screen surface, which can bare larger vibrating amplitude than the steel-wire screen net.

Advantages of a metalloid screen net mainly include the following few points:

1) It can effectively improve the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen. The screening efficiency of which is 20% higher than that of metal screen net.

2) It has a better wear resistance and longer service life. The average life of the metalloid screen is 25 times longer than the metal mesh.

3) It can also reduce the installation time, which improves the operation rate of the equipment. Due to the non metallic material screen greatly prolonging the service life of the screen surface and reducing the number of its replacement, the equipment operating rate of metalloid screen is generally 15% higher of the metal screen.

4) It can reduce noise, improve the operating environment. When working, the metal screen not only...
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