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By tasniahakim Oct 11, 2013 1135 Words
Jamie Oliver is one of the world’s most loved TV chefs. His enthusiasm for cooking has inspired many people at home to spend otherwise wasted time trying out his recipes. He is not only viewed in Britain but many other countries. Because of the way he approaches and engages his audience he makes his viewers more comfortable and creates an informal environment by the way he moves around the kitchen, uses informal gestures and speaks. This is why he is so popular. When Oliver speaks you can instantly tell there was no legit script given to him to work off. In all of his shows he is speaking to the audience and not just reading out a speech. When he starts off, it is directly informal shown in his use of language. “Hi Guys Jamie here” – he uses a colloquial term ‘guys’ to show friendliness when addressing the viewers. Even more, he used his first name to already show familiarity, this is less formal and sounds easy going unlike saying ‘Jamie Oliver here’. "that, my friends" - he refers to his viewers as his friends instead of saying 'that, my viewers' . Purposely he makes it seem like he subconsciously thinks of the audience as being his friends. Also, he likes to use intensifiers to alert he viewers. He repeats his words or adds exaggeration. “the perfect, the perfect, most brilliant” – he used the word perfect twice to give the audience a clearer idea of what he meant and to show his enthusiasm for his profession. Intensifiers emphasize what the speaker is trying to express such as saying 'I strongly agree' or 'this is a really really bad show'. Because he makes everyone feel like they are in line with him, intensifiers will also make the viewers feel the same way. In such a way, Oliver is able to get his viewers hooked. Intensifiers are also known as 'boosters'. Oliver frequently uses vague language such as, “blah blah blah” showing casualness and ease so you feel like you are on the same level as him. It almost looks as if he doesn’t care too much about the hardships of his work. This creates a common frame of mind which the viewer and Oliver share.It also sounds spontaneous and carefree due to the image Oliver wants his viewers to receive from him, “sort of mix that bit in the middle” – when he uses this vague language it gives us the impression that he is being unprofessional corresponding to his at home viewers, even though he is clearly very professional. Saying ‘that bit in the middle’ he refers to what he and the viewers see. Oliver presents a lot of common thoughts with the audience, what he knows they are thinking. Oliver also uses elision, which is where you shorten long phrases to shorter ones such as ‘going to’ to ‘gonna’. Elision is often described as slurred or muted and because of the negligence in Oliver's tone and language, elision comes in good use. Higher class people, similar to the Queen would not use elision in their speech because it goes against their roles as leaders because their attitude and formality is significant. For example, the prime minister would not be expected to say something along the lines of "I'm gonna try very hard to protect this county because I wanna". They would have a significant speech with correct grammar. The effect that Oliver wishes to achieve by not speaking this way is for viewers to feel at home and not out of place. Viewers watching him at home would think there was no connection or communication with him if he spoke like the prime minister. It is quite noticeable when Jamie Oliver uses fillers in his dialogue because he says “er” a lot and words akin to “right” and “like”. These are sounds and words we all say when speaking casually with friends and family. Fillers come in handy for him because he doesn't have a script to memorise so he has to come up with the words on his own in the moment in time when he is being recorded. Fillers are a familiar part of colloquial and informal speech as it is not scripted and that this is exactly the effect Oliver is trying to replicate because it is friendly and spontaneous like saying 'ooo'. 'ooo' is also a prosodic feature because he changes the tone of his voice when making those sounds. While he's being recorded you can see that he really is being laid-back because of the pauses he takes when cooking. For example, "they’re sort of sweet (3) they’re crunchy" - this indicated that he paused because he was paying attention to his cooking in that instance. In the comfort of his own home and kitchen and with the choice to be himself on his TV programmes, he can pause when needed and even become distracted, even if it is just for 3 seconds. This also is an advantage for him because his viewers will concentrate on whatever it is he's concentrating on, in this case, the food. Even more, it gives him time to thin k of what to say next. It also has a relaxed effect as the audience is aware that Oliver doesn’t feel the need to cram every second with meaningless dialogue With colloquial terms, Oliver speaks as if we are not only his friends but also in the same room as him. He shows this by using paralinguistic features when he informally paces around his kitchen or waves his hand in dismissal because he tries to be spontaneous and come off as approachable and relaxed. Colloquial terms are also shown through digression where he often comes off topic, talking about something linked to what he has mentioned before. "That tossed in with some tagliatelle; do you know what I mean? That is like dynamite stuff." - Oliver went from explaining his food to talking about something that could lead him off topic. It expresses his ease and freedom in his kitchen, making others feel the same. If Oliver didn't use digression and other means of colloquial terms, his audience would probably get bored themselves and feel distracted. [This is confused – paralinguistic features are a new point and paragraph – can you try this for me?] When Jamie Oliver speaks he gives his audiencea reason to not change the channel because along with his recipes he conveys humour and wittiness. Because he went to a grammar school in his early years he is now able to speak calmly and it influenced him in to the collected attitude he carries around when the camera is rolling.[Give examples of this…]

This is an excellent draft which just needs either more detail or tightening up. Well done.

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