Whether Games Are as Important for Adults as They Are Important for Children.

Topics: Game, Life, Psychology Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: August 28, 2011
I don’t agree with the statement.

First of all, it could give us a bad health condition.
We usually stay still for hours during we play PC games, X-Box’s, or those of Playstation’s. They occupies time to involve in physical activities like running, jogging and ball games which means we would lose chances to involve in exercising.

On the top of that, games could give more stress.
We may play games to dissipate our fatigue by releasing our stress by playing them. According to scientific papers in psychology and Neuroscience, however, our brain keeps working during one playing games and even during one just watching Screen. It also came out that game players suffer lack of concentration on their work. As they lose concentration on their work, it will be burden them even more than before and it would actually cause more stress to ones.

Furthermore, there are many other hobbies which improve one’s value of life. Soccer, basketball, and baseball are a few good examples for that. These activities are definitely good for health and widen social activity because they are based on team playing. We are also able to enjoy involving in seminars and travel. As we go to seminar to listen to the voice of good speakers, teachers and celebrities in all kind of fields, we can learn more about the world we living and improve quality of our life. Or we could enlarge our view of the world as we travel mountains, rivers, and all of places which have reputation for tourist spot, and they will be irreplaceable experiences in our life.

In conclusion, Games are not important for adults and rather it’s harmful for adults.
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