Where I come from

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Where I Come From
- By Elizabeth Brewster

The poem ‘Where I Come From’ by Elizabeth Brewster is about how a person is influenced by the environment he is brought up in, and how urban life and rural life differ from each other. The poet has used a very critical tone in this poem to convey how people are influenced by the places they have come from rural or urban. She has used a lot of visual imageries and metaphors to convey the busy lifestyle of the city. There is no rhyme scheme in the poem.

In the first stanza, the poet has used a very critical tone to show the fast life of the city and how everything is controlled in the city. The first three lines of the poem summarize the main theme of the poem by saying “people are made of places”. “They carry with them hints of jungles or mountains, a tropic grace or to cool the eyes of the sea-grazers” as the line suggest that the people will never be able to forget their places, or where they came from. As the poem continues, the poet says “Atmosphere of the cities how different drops from them” this conveys that how the surroundings affects the way we live.

Later in the stanza, the poet uses harsh images to show the reader how the cities have been invaded because of the industrialization and the resulting pollution, which has created “the smell of smog” it, tells us about a typical winter day, where the smoke has combined with the fog during winter. As the stanza continues, the poet gives us the idea of the city being organized and tidily planned out, which is introduced in these lines, “nature tidily plotted in the little squares with the fountain the center”, telling us that within the city life, nature still exists in the city but ironically that has been also been changed according to mans needs and desire so that the nature has become a small sad replica of its original self.

Later in the stanza, the poet say’s “museum smell, art also tidily plotted with a guidebook”. This compares the tidily...
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