When She Was Bad - Book Review

Topics: Dissociative identity disorder, English-language films, Love Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: April 2, 2013
This book, When She Was Bad, is a sequel to another book, which I have not read yet. This story is about two people with multiple personality disorders, also known as dissociative identity disorders, Ullyses Maxwell and Lily.

In the novel, Lyssy’s DID has been brought under control by his therapist at a psychiatric institute, resulting in his evil alter, Max to be replaced by the sweet Lyssy. The bad news, unknown to Corder, his doctor, is that Max is still lurking in Lyssy. A new patient arrives at the institute and is another DID patient. Her name is Lily, a young woman with an alter, Lilith. While being raped by a biker; fierce Lilith bit off his nose. Maxwell, rehabilitated, faces a trial for 12 murders. Under the stress, his evil alter resurfaces.

Lyssy and Lily meet at the institution and eventually fall in love. When their evil alters Max and Lilith resurface and meet, they make plans to escape the institution and take revenge. A brutal massacre begins when their doctor invites the two patients into his family home for a birthday party.

They begin by murdering two escorts from the institution, torturing the doctor’s family, and then flee from the doctor’s premise, and are on the run. Lily’s doctor, and an FBI agent, Pender, try and fail to prevent the tragedy. The killers flee to the California hideout of two notorious drug dealers. There will be more mayhem before Lily/Lilith and Lyssy/Max move to a cabin in the woods and the inevitable confrontation by Cogan and Pender.

Throughout the novel we see the alters switch to and fro and the intensity is built up when Lily remains sensible while Max is on a rampage. Lily then is torn between doing the right thing and lashing out in a killing streak. I personally like how although the story is about lovers, it does not include any sappy romantic parts at all. It instead focuses on a psychopathic sort of love, whereby violence and blood replaces kisses and flowers. We rarely see this point of view...
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