When Has Hard Work Paid Off?

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When Has Hard Work Paid Off For You

“Sometimes there's not a better way. Sometimes there's only the hard way.” ― Mary E. Pearson Will hard work pay off? Or is hard work just a waste of time and effort? In the story that I am going to share, the questions will no longer be left unanswered. It all started in Primary 3 when I had a new, unknown and challenging subject, Science. I was not interested in this subject at all as I did not know much about it then. During lessons, I hardly gave my full attention to what my teacher taught and soon, my results for Science gradually dissipated and grades were falling. That year, for the final year examinations, I only achieved 79.5% for my Science. I was bitterly disappointed with myself for not focusing during Science lessons but due to the fact they were tedious and monotonous, I could not really blame myself. But, I could not let my grades fall like this. Fortunately, my parents were able to sit down with me and changed my mind set. No matter how boring or how difficult the challenge was, I still had to overcome it. So at Primary 4, I slogged my guts out to get my Science right. I also requested from my Science teacher to help me with my homework if I did not understand part of the topic or if the questions were really complicated. Soon, my grades were improving much quicker than I had expected, attaining a score of 95% for Science and having the satisfaction of thrashing my friends and the shower of praises from both my parents and teachers. When Primary 6 came, I realised it was one of the harshest and toughest years for me. PSLE was round the corner and all the stress was piling on my shoulders, making it feel like I am carrying weights everywhere I went. Every day, I had to complete tons and tons of assessments given by my teachers as well as my parents. I had tuitions in the afternoon after school; as a result, I had to burn the midnight oil to study before I could catch forty winks. Finally, PSLE was over and...
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