Whats Your Philosophy

Topics: Political philosophy, Philosophy, Sociology Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: July 8, 2013
What is your Philosophy Paper

What is your Philosophy Paper
Upon the completion of the performance aid “What is Your Philosophy?” the ending results were social philosopher. A social philosopher gains interest in studying the society and society’s institutions, including what would make up an ideal society. Social philosophers dwell upon questions, such as how should society distribute goals, and do people have natural rights. Social philosophers possess three main key contributors, including Thomas Hobbs, John Rawls, and Jean Jacques Rousseau. This journal entry will look in-depth at major philosophy inquiries and approaches. How philosophy and culture interact in the development and thought. Finally conclude with a more in-depth analysis of the social philosopher and how it best describes myself, and cultural factors that influence the decision. Metaphysics, epistemology, moral, social, political, structuralism, deconstruction, eastern, postcolonial, and feminism are the major philosophical areas of inquiry. Metaphysics studies the nature of reality, looking into the relationship between mind and body, substance, accidents, events, and causation. With metaphysics the principle issues are what the nature of reality is, and does God exist. Epistemology is the study of nature and scope of knowledge, and whether it is possible or not. These types of philosophy’s principle issues are what knowledge is and what can be known. The moral branch of philosophy questions the best way to live, and concerning the questions about social behavior. Questions similar to what is moral judgment and what is morally right or wrong are popular in this philosophical branch. Social philosophy studies questions regarding social behaviors and also possesses the ability to address group dynamics, and ways that individuals group or act in union. The political philosophy is the study of state and advances to find answers to determine the justifications and ethically proper organizations...

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