"Whats Your Name, Girl?

Topics: African American, Writing, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Anthony Vitiello

The essay written is about the excerpt "What's Your name, Girl?" and on how Marguerite Angelou shows the importance of names. There are many way on how our names serve us. One of the most visible ways a name serves us is that it gives us personality. In the story read, there was emphasis on African American names and the true meaning behind the passage.

To start off with the essay, the main point has to be stated. In the case of this small piece of literature that was provided for the subject of the essay, the clear picture can be noted when Mrs. Cullinan was having a conversation with a freckled face women in which she suggest chaining the narrator's name to Mary. This can be seen throughout the conversation of the two women which starts on page nineteen and starts to explain the scenario "What's your name, girl…I'd Call her Marry if i was you". The main principle of the story is to show the reader the life that was endured to African American women in a time of segregation within the limits of Arkansas. The lady's conversation later proves to be the defining moment when the older "negro" speaks bout her named being changed to Glory even though her birth-name given by her parents was Hallelujah.

The story was well put together and written in a way where you have to finish the whole passage in order to understand the severity of the situation the author had to be as a adolescent. If there was less emphasis on the one on one conversation and Angelou was not able to recall with astonishing detail her accounts, then there would have been a great loss of understanding by the reader. Because of the novelist's ideas were vivid it allowed me to look deeper into the work and help me understand the underlining message of the story.

The story that was read for his project was fully encompassed on the idea that: names are the importance for thus specific piece of literature. The main goal of the writing...
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