Whats Going Wrong in Public School

Topics: Education, Teacher, High school, School / Pages: 7 (1727 words) / Published: Apr 26th, 2006
What is going wrong with schools? There is a lot wrong with schools, and easier question these days is, What's right with schools? Sadly the list would be shorter. The public school system in America today is sadly lacking, not just in the field of academic achievement. Children are, in effect, risking their lives by attending school. Critical attacks from disturbed students are spreading like a plague. Every year, there is increase in the number of students who give up education after high school and start working in minimum wage jobs/unskilled jobs. Stereotypes between smart and dumb students and racism are the biggest issues student faces in school education system. The public education system always gives priority to students who are smart in study, where on the other hand, students who are not smart in study never get chance to prove their inborn talents. School education system wants the bright students to be the brightest in every aspect and starts giving them more and more work pressure; but they don't know that it is not at all uncommon for the brightest students to become problem students in the environment full of stress and frustration. The movie Stand And Deliver directed by Ramón Menéndez as well as authors Michel Moore and John Taylor Gatto illustrate in their work the darker side of the education system. As illustrated in these works, from the lack of government support the students face a type of stereotypical inequality or racial inequality that develops the negative attitudes toward the low self-esteem and they learn to fail because schools are failing. Many people want us to believe that the problem with school lies not in the idea of public education, but in the way public schools are managed and funded. "Walk into any public school, and the odds are good that you'll find overflowing classrooms, leaking ceilings, and demoralized teachers" (Moore 157). There is big decreases in the number of college students going for teaching profession,

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