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What Makes a Civilization?

By ShammoChanda May 12, 2013 744 Words
What makes a great civilization?
A civilization depends on a number of factors which are important. These factors are the components that make a civilization. The main factors are good government and control, good geographical location, labour specialisation, complex beliefs and a unique writing system. Good control and good government is the most important factor in the development of a civilization. Suppose, the geographical location is very good for the civilization; there is easy access to a supply of freshwater, the land is fertile, and there are many animals that can be tamed. With good government and control, this land and the animals would be equally distributed among the people according to their merit. Thus there would be no fights are argument over the possession of land and property. However if there is no government or control present, the people would fight over who would take what, which will in the end result in a fallout, causing no civilization to be formed in the end. Rome is an example of good government and control, as they had a good army to defend the civilization against their enemies. They also had used the workers to build roads for safe transportation. Labour specialization is next because without dividing the jobs among different people, the people with jobs would have to multitask and this would reduce the efficiency of the whole civilization, as although there might be more quantity, the quality level would be very low. This will prove very difficult for the civilization; for an example, if many weak houses are built, the houses might soon collapse and the workers would have to build such houses again. However if a few strong houses are built at one go, the houses most probably will not collapse, allowing the workers to develop new houses, without wasting time on reconstructing collapsed houses. In Rome, slaves normally did the work which was not so appealing to the citizens. They helped to clean drains and also lifted heavy rocks for construction. Most educated Romans worked for the government either as a soldier, a politician, or a diplomat. They all helped in increasing Rome’s empire by both economy and size. A unique form of writing is also necessary for the civilization so that the people can communicate with each other and it also gives the people a sense of identity. The writing system can also allow the current generation to pass down information to the next generation. Latin was the language of the Romans. Latin has been used extensively in making words in English language. Latin was used to communicate to people and pass down information from one generation to another. The existence of complex beliefs is important for the civilization as this bring unity, trust and belief among the people of the civilization, allowing them to work together even better. This will bring confidence in them too. Romans had borrowed gods from the civilizations that they defeated so that the gods could bless them and give them more strength. The Roman economy was not very complex, unlike the modern economy of today. It was very slave-based and their main concern was feeding the huge number of citizens in Mediterranean region. Agriculture and trade dominated the Roman economy; and there was just a small amount of industrial production, which was in a small scale, supplementing it. Production and transportation of food apparently dominated the trading industry; there was still a vast amount of trade between other parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Everybody soon realised that all roads did lead to Rome. However the biggest industry of Rome was of mining. Through mining they got stones that built the magnificent structures that we see today, the tools that constructed this buildings and of course the weapons, that had conquered so much of the world. The Romans were also very advanced in technology. However they rarely replaced slaves with machines to do the dirty work. There was a reaping machine, for cutting corn and also a war machine which is now the widely known catapult. Most towns and forts in the Roman Empire had underground drains that carried away sewage so that the Romans will not be drinking polluted water. They also flushed the dirty water with bath water, so that the sewer would not get to smelly. The Romans also built the aqueducts, which were big arches and they carried water from rivers, lakes and springs to the Roman towns.

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