What Makes the Super Bowl so Super?

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Nicholas Farruggia
Cara Snider/ Section 23
February 21, 2007

What Makes the Super Bowl So Super?
"Super Sunday" is able to attract greater audiences to the annual event than any other television event, but how? Are the teams matching up better? Are the games becoming more competitive? I feel the enormous number of viewers each year has nothing to do with the game. The NFL has incorporated many other aspects to the championship night, including pre-game entertainment, National Anthem renditions, glamorous half-time shows, and hilarious commercials, which all have helped the Super Bowl appeal to a broader group of viewers. Because of this broader group of viewers, the event has turned into one of the biggest social events of the year. Many people watch the game with a group of friends or at a party, and many people place money wages on the game. The NFL being able to appeal to a broader group of vastly unique viewers is the ultimate reason why, in my mind, the Super Bowl has become such a popular culture icon.

Entertainment in the early days almost always was put on by university band programs. In the early years, band programs from universities such as the University of Arizona and Grambling University (Super Bowl I,) Southern University and Northeast Missouri College (Super Bowl V,) and University of Michigan (Super Bowl VII,) performed during the pre-game. The National Anthem took the same look in the early years, with the anthem being performed by school band programs from Universities such as Arizona and Michigan (Super Bowl I,) and Grambling (Super Bowl II and IX.) As the years progressed though, pop culture increasingly became the focus of the pre-game festivities. Super Bowl XXXI was kicked off by Los Del Rio, who performed "Macarena," which was a dance fad that became popular in the early to mid 1990's. In addition, Super Bowl XXXIV was a "Tribute to Great American Music of the 20th Century." Most recently, Super Bowl XXXIX's pre-game...

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