What Is a Friend

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What is a friend? A friend is a person who we enjoy spending time with. Everyone in the world should have a best friend. This is because a best friend will be with us always. Therefore, we will never be alone in this huge, lonely world. There are certain qualities that make a friend a best friend. What are these qualities? It does not depend on how cute a person is nor does it depend on his wealth, but there are more important qualities in a person in order to be a best friend.

The first important quality that a best friend should have is he understands us. The word understands means he knows us. By this, it means that the person will recognise all of our behaviours, fears, let alone our favourites. Furthermore, when a person understands us, he will know when we feel sad and thus, he will lend his shoulder to us. In addition, we can express our feelings and he will really listen to us. He too will help us in a time of need. On the other hand, if he does not understand, he will ignore us and will not help us with our problems.

Honesty is one of the qualities that a best friend should have. It is important to us if our best friend can keep our secrets. In addition, he will never betray us and talk bad things about us behind our back. Of course, we do not like a person like that to be our best friend. If our best friend is honest to us, we can trust him, tell and share everything with him. We do not need to worry about our secrets being known by others. If he talks bad things about us to others, there must be fights between us.

In addition, caring is also an important quality in order to be a best friend. Caring does not only means that one is concern about oneself but also knows what a friend needs when he is in trouble. Furthermore, when a person is caring to us, we can feel happier in our life. If not, we will feel lonely and become a useless person. A best friend will give support to us when we are sad or disappointed. As a result, we can feel better...
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