What are good friendships based on

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What are good friendships based on? That’s what my essay is going to be about. I will describe what a good friend means to me and to the people I know, because I’m sure that the characteristics I look for in a good friend are the same as a lot of people. The characteristic and human qualities they should have to be a great friend. With this essay you would learn how I expect good friend to be and to act with me and other people too because if you have any of this characteristics, but only use the as my friends and not with other human beings then you’re not worth my friendship.

One of the characteristics I think is necessary in a good friend is a person who is trustworthy. I believe this characteristic is very important in a good friend because when you trust in someone like I do with my friends I would like to know that they won’t tell other people about my personal life. Trusting someone is not easy because you really need to know that person to tell them secrets and sometime the secret can affect your life if the wrong people knows about it. That’s what happens when I tell secrets to my best friend or my mother I always make sure that they won’t tell anybody after telling them.

Another characteristic that I think is necessary in a good friend is a person who is honest. Besides family, friends are some of the most important people in our lives and it’s necessary for friends to be honest with one another. Friend’s ae the ones that are there for you in any situation. Through the ups and downs, makes up and breaks up, and whatever it may be, most people turn to their friends exactly like I do and they are always there for us. Friend are the ones that will do

crazy things with you and bail you out in the end. Friends bring out a side of ourselves that we sometimes are too afraid to show or do not know we even have. This is why is important to find best friend with this characteristic. When I do things I’ll like to know if I can trust my friends to tell...
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