What Is Welfare Fraud and Who’s Paying the Price?

Topics: Welfare, Barack Obama, Welfare fraud Pages: 4 (1425 words) Published: November 24, 2011
What is Welfare Fraud and who’s paying the price?

What is Welfare Fraud and who’s paying the price? Welfare fraud is misuse of various welfare programs; the people who suffer the most from this are the ones who should get benefits but can’t because there is no more funds available and the taxpayers who pay for it. Basically fraudsters withhold certain information or provide inaccurate or false information to receive benefits.  The three most common types of welfare fraud are purposely providing misinformation regarding household family members, failing all forms of income or falsifying information about an inability to work.  Welfare fraud often allows someone to acquire benefits that they do not deserve or they receive benefits for someone who should have never gotten them. I have had to spend countless hours in welfare office waiting rooms with my disabled mother while she is applying or recertifying her benefits information. I have had seen people teaching each other how to defraud the system. Looking at each other’s forms to ensure they have added or left out the appropriate information in order to receive benefits they are not entitled to or get more benefits than they should be getting. I have watched while they go up and get new forms and the old timers instruct the new people on just what to say and what not to say on the forms to get most benefits. Some shouldn’t have even been there and certainly shouldn’t have been receiving benefits. I sit there and say to myself or my mom it’s no wonder there isn’t enough to go around when these people shouldn’t be getting help at all. I have seen these fraudsters tell each other where to go to free food, rent, energy assistance, clothing, and even money for gas. They call it making the rounds as each social assistance program has a time frame for coming back and getting help. If you truly need the help there is nothing wrong with other help you get what you need but when it is used to not work or get...

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