what is psychology

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What is Psychology?
Psychology is the study of behavior and the thinking process behind that behavior. This is a study that has been going on for about 150 years. The goal of psychology is to understand the human mind and how it works. This helps us understand and modify our behavior. It identifies and classifies behaviors. Psychology has only been around since the late 1800’s. It was then Wilhem Wundt, a physiologist, applied his scientific background to the study of the human mind. Wilhem Wundt came up with a process called Objective Introspection. Objective Introspection is examining and measuring one’s own thoughts and mental activities. Wilhem Wundt had such an impact on Psychology that he is known as the Father of Psychology. Edward Titchener later took Wundt’s ideas and came up with his own process called structuralism. Structuralism focused on the study of the basic workings of the mind. Later, William James came up with Functionalism which focuses on how the mind allows people to adapt, live, work, and play. Today, according to our text, Psychology, 3/e, there are seven perspectives to consider when examining Psychology. They are; psychodynamic perspective, behavior perspective, humanistic perspective, cognitive perspective, sociocultural perspective, bio-psychological perspective, and evolutionary perspective. When studying the mind and the behavior of people, it’s important to take into account everything that makes up that person, even more than the structure of the mind and thought process, or the actions that result from that thought process The study of psychology is important for us to understand ourselves better. It helps to explain our actions. Psychology helps us to understand our behavior and the choices we make, past and present. It can help us to identify certain unhealthy behaviors or even diagnose illness. Hopefully this study will help us to change or control our behavior when needed, to better understand ourselves and others,...
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