What Is Love?

Topics: Emotion, Love, Feeling Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: April 29, 2013
What is Love? By: Memi
What is love? What is this emotion that so many of us feel at least once throughout our lifetime, and why do we so strongly desire it? Most people regard it to be a physical or emotional sensation and inherent feeling of happiness that comes when we surround ourselves with people that we find are agreeable, or that it is the pleasant sensation that arises when we are with our Mr. or Mrs. Right. However, I am not most people. I do not view love as a sensation, but rather, an appreciation of goodness and values in others. And if love comes from an appreciation of morals, it cannot be that love is a magical and random occurrence that comes and goes when it pleases, but that it is instead a creation and activeness that comes easily when focusing on the goodness in others. Love is, in fact, a choice. Love is a choice that happens through our actions, and requires four elements in order to be created. The first element is care, showing an active concern for others. The second is responsibility, responding to unexpressed emotional needs. The third is respect, and to see a person as he or she is and become aware of their individuality, while helping them to grow. The fourth is the element that the first three all depend upon, which is knowledge, which is the ability to respect another as deeply as you are acquainted with them. These four elements, along with an open mind to give yourself to other people, helps us to choose and create the interactions with others close to us, giving us joy and a feeling of complete and total happiness to make us feel the most beautiful emotion known as love.
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