What Is Love?

Topics: Love, Panic, Paranoia Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: April 19, 2013
What is love? It is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. According to Irving Singer, however, it can also be threatening, subversive, and is feared by many. Why, if love is a positive emotion and act, does Singer associate these negatives with it? The reason for this is because love, although experienced in very different ways, has a profound effect on every single one of us. These effects can range anywhere from simply letting yourself and your beloved to enjoy each other’s company, to letting them control who you are. The truth is love has such a power over us that it can change almost everything about whom we are. Whether it is positive or negative, once one has loved, its effects are everlasting.

Why is love threatening? Its threatening because of its power it has over its subjects. This power can entice us to do things that we would have never imagined of doing, like removing yourself partially or wholly from friends and family. This power brings out a different person in us all, whether it is positive or not. The true fear that many people have about love is that, once this different person is out, the said person does not realize they are different. It can be scary to think that something can control you, without even your knowledge. This is true because one only truly realizes they were different until after it has been removed from the equation. They become numb and blinded by love to realize who they are. This does not always have to be a negative aspect, but when taken to great lengths, this can be this can be extremely harmful to a person. This could be called bestowed love, which, although unique, can be irrational. This irrationality can destroy one’s emotions. This is why love is feared and threatening.
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