What Is Like to Be a Teenager

Topics: Adolescence, Preadolescence, Puberty Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: March 28, 2007
What is like to be a teenager (Kako je biti tinejdžer)

Each man's life is composed of several periods. However, the most important are childhood, teenage period and a maturity. Childhood is usually blurry in our minds while we remember many things that happened while we were teenagers. What's it like to be a teenager is hard to respond especially if you are one. Teenagers are hard to define. Their bodies are changing and their hormones are going crazy. They want to do many things but can never finish them. Parties and going out are every day routine of their lives. They have many friends and they discover their love and find their first girl and boy friends. Their first love is usually very emotional but also very short-lasting. Even a little disagreement makes them fall apart and their love to vanish. However, they have their school and other obligations and very often many problems occur. Their attention is very hard to get and when in happens it lasts for a very short time. Therefore, people, especially parents should be very tolerant and have a lot of understanding for their problems. They are very often in fight with their parents, with their friends and their needs for love and understanding are not met that often. As we can conclude, being a teenager in not easy at all. Your body is changing, your parents and other grow-ups do not understand you and fights are inevitable. This is hard time but also the time that we will remember our entire life. This is time of our first love…
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