What is better: Living in a city or the country

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City life or the country life

Opinion Essay

What is better:
Living in a city or the country

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Instructors: Bibigul Duisengaziyeva, Tamara Bogdanova

8 August, 2014
Opinion Essay Outline

Topic: What is better: Living in a city or the country

I. Introduction
Thesis statement: In my opinion, living in a city is much better than in the country due to well-developed infrastructure, education and work opportunities and variety of entertainment.

II. Body Paragraph 1
Topic sentence: Well-developed infrastructure.
Supporting idea a): Efficacious transport opportunities Supporting idea b): Presence of advanced educational centres, supermarkets, hospitals and state-supported institutions Supporting idea c): Developed economic and social infrastructure Body Paragraph 2 Topic sentence: Education and work opportunities. Supporting idea a): Well-paid and interesting jobs Supporting idea b): Opportunity of advanced schools and universities Supporting idea c): advantages of self-development

Body Paragraph 3
Topic sentence: Places of interest and entertainment Supporting idea a): Places where people can relax, enjoy and spend time (cafes, cinema, theaters, parks, etc.) Supporting idea b): Tourist attractions, monuments, memorials and memorable places Supporting idea c): Events and festivals In my opinion, living in a city is much better than in the country due to well-developed infrastructure, education and work opportunities and variety of entertainment.

To begin with, the achievement of each city is well-developed infrastructure: however, some city have bad infrastructure, some good. But the main point is that a city has better infrastructure than the country. According to it, cities offer a big possibility having transportation infrastructure, which economize your time having such objects as modern hospitals, schools, universities… Having developed economy and society, what allows you to self-develop: all these advantages help each of us. We can’t even imagine what would be without built roads, undergrounds – people would live in a chaos. Nobody just wouldn’t get to work or home as he does now – it would require him thirty minutes more, or even one hour… Who knows how much but it wouldn’t be comfortable as it is now. So, to say, this useful opportunity is cost like gold for us. Objects as hospitals and schools universities is a human possibility to educate himself, to get treatment that is not available in the country. Also, supermarkets offer such a big variety of food that we can’t decide what to buy. Presence of educational centres, various courses, libraries influence as well – all they are achievement of human progress. According to J. Story (eHow), Villages are able to have a local doctors' clinic, but cities have various hospitals and doctors specialising in even rare conditions. In a city, ambulances may take very little time to arrive at the scene. In villages, getting to a hospital in an emergency may take precious time. The country just doesn’t have advanced hospitals due to non-developed infrastructure. Therefore, people from the country have to go to the city in some cases. Also can I say about economy in cities: consisting of the production, distribution or trade, and consumption of limited goods and services by different agents it forms a city. Such gigantic cities as New-York became world economic centres. And of course society, I may say that each city society is more literate than the countryside one. I don’t affirm that every person in the country knows less than a city one but in total...

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