Country Living Is Better

Topics: Pollution, Nature, Personal life Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: November 12, 2006
Country Living is Better

Living is the country is the best place to have a home. The first reason county living is better is the lower crime rate. In the country, gangs do not walk by family houses and children are not picked off of their front lawns while they are playing. Additionally, interlopers do not break into houses in the middle of the night, letting people be at ease while they are at home. The second reason why country living is better is the lower pollution levels. With fewer people come fewer cars and factories belching carbon monoxide into the air. This results in the air being fresh and clean rather than noxious and dirty. In the country, most people do not throw trash all over the ground. The lands are beautiful and clean and all trash is in the garbage can, unlike the city. Finally, the country is a better place to live due to the natural aura. The country atmosphere is great for raising kids and providing a healthy lifestyle. The children are able to run freely in the woods and plains. The nature all around provides chances to learn about plants and animals, such as coyotes, ferns, oak trees, and snakes. Parents can take their kids for walks and talk about the natural environment all around them. Another example of the wonderful atmosphere is the peaceful solitude. The luxury of going for a quiet, relaxing walk is always an option. In conclusion, the country is a safe place to raise a family, experience nature and have a healthy lifestyle.
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