What happened to the Lindbergh Baby

Topics: Lindbergh kidnapping, Charles Lindbergh Pages: 2 (1105 words) Published: August 17, 2015
Name: Yvanne Julmice
Professor: Jeff Gill
Unit 1 Assignment

What happened to the Lindbergh baby?

The equity system's major components are: police, courts, and rectifications. Police are public officials whose role are to preserve order and enforce the malefactor law. Police officers work in the community to obviate and control malefaction within their licit potency. This includes, but is not restricted to: speeding, illicit utilization of drugs, violence, and disruptive conduct. The police cooperate with prosecutors in malefactor investigations and avail to provide evidence to obtain convictions in the courts. In the Lindbergh case the police accumulated evidence and investigated the disappearance and murder of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. Charles Lindbergh Jr. was a twenty month old child who was abducted from his family’s home at night, while his family was in the home. The police found evidence that a ladder had been utilized in the abduction of the child, who was located in his nursery on the second floor of the home. Mud and footprints were found on the nursery floor beneath the window sill, but they were not defined, and subsequently the investigators could not quantify them. There were no legible dactyl grams found at the scene because there was either an inordinate quantity of the household staff’s or they were smudged. Other evidence in the malefaction was presented to the police via the kidnapper. The kidnapper had left a ransom note on the window sill of the nursery, and it was found by the child’s father, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Sr. Other ransom notes were additionally sent. The second, was sent to Colonel Henry Breckenridge, the family’s attorney, and it verbalized that the kidnapper required more mazuma and requested someone to act as intermediary. The third note was sent to Dr. John F. Condon, who was a school principal, and had concurred to be intermediary. The fifth ransom note was distributed by taxi and given...
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